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Hospitality Design

A luxurious  beach-house inspired hotel  located on the sandy shoreline of Pismo Beach, California. The name Vespera  meaning "evening star"  is honoring the Chumash First Nations who originally dwelled in  California's Central Coast region .


A state-of-the-art resort style hotel situated in an upscale area  within minutes of  downtown Scottsdale.

This 118-key new-build hotel features a blend of custom designed public areas with an up-scale luxurious feel, and prototypical guestrooms.

Just minutes away from Panama City Airport, this new- build hotel is located on a Beach Front Road in Panama City Beach, Florida.  

Originally built in 1927, the  historic 224-key  hotel is one of Canada's grand railway hotels  located in the center of downtown Regina overlooking Victoria Park. The classic elegance of the hotel was preserved during the extensive  renovation providing a refreshed look and feel for guests.

The 192-key Virgin Hotel San Francisco  exemplifies the Brand's vision and identity with its fully customized, eclectic, sexy and fun design.

This 352-room resort style hotel is situated in the center of the Anaheim resort district, features  a 30,000 sqft water park, and only 1 mile away from Disneyland.

Located in city center Fort McMurray, this  newly built 100-key hotel was designed for the  sophisticated traveler looking for all the comforts of home. 

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