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Situated a few miles away from Northwest Florida seaside, the  beautiful white sandy beaches of the Forgotten Coast, City Center, and Gulf World Marine Park.  The unique setting of the Florida Pan Handle was an integral part of the design narrative. The hotel has a relaxed laid back feel with a  scenic view of the surrounding lake and forest. 


Our design focus was on the Garden Grill & Bar, an all-day restaurant with a personality of its own that flows elegantly into the bar and lobby areas of the hotel.  The custom design elements  of the hotel were  combined with the HGI prototype  Bloom design, creating a vibrant aesthetic with nods to florals. 

The restaurant  was designed to be airy and textural using pattern on pattern materials to give the space personality and wearability over the life cycle of products. As a chevron motif is used throughout the hotel design, we incorporated a bold chevron graphic screen to divide the reception area from the main dining space, adding movement to the otherwise flat ceilings. The combination of the Brand elements and our custom design intertwines perfectly to create a welcoming space.

The strong patterns are balanced with a soft palette of warm white, beiges, and modern coral tones. The coral is a warm and inviting colour that lends itself to both a morning and evening atmosphere. 

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