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The Wexford Residence is an all-inclusive seniors residence in Tsawwassen, BC that combines the charm of a boutique hotel with the relaxing ambiance of a coastal retreat. 


The facility features a a spacious communal area, flooded with natural light, making it a favored social spot for long-term residents.

With its coastal-inspired, transitional design boasting tone-on-tone patterns and a minimalistic colour palette, both the common areas and guest rooms exude a timeless charm.  

Each suite offers balcony access to the outdoors,  a contemporary kitchenette, and the building operates on  100% LED power for energy efficiency. 

Noble materials and a natural palette seamlessly connect the spaces. A lengthy corridor leads to a modest single door at the far end, unveiling the expansive monolithic kitchen and dining area.   A meticulously crafted mezzanine enhances the architectural elegance.

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