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Hospitality Design

  The History of Whoo is the most luxurious brand from LG Household and Healthcare. This  location is their North American Flagship store and currently the only store  in North America.  

luxurious retail store interior design


rich color palette used in retail store interior design

The high gloss finishes and  clean lines of the store perfectly reflect the cosmetics brands merchandised at The History of Whoo.

marble flooring
striking gold elements with crystal chandelier
luxury retail store interior design
interior design featuring high gloss finishes and clean lines

The History of Whoo interior design team collaborated with HDI on the interior and millwork of the store. HDI supported Avon Canada representatives with facilitating tenant design requirements by CF Richmond Centre, City of Richmond Planning, Building & Development, as well as coordinating with various required professional consultants and the general contracting team.  HDI ensured building code requirements were met, consulted with health officials, and addressed existing site conditions to maintain the design intent set by the store ID Team. 

HDI was proud to have assisted the S.I. Store Design, Avon Canada Real Estate and Store Development teams as the Designers of Record.

modern interior design elements
exquisite design inspired by the interiors of the Daejojeon
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