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Babylon By TELUS  Health Clinics are a fresh  and welcoming approach to a doctor visit. It's organic  finishes of warm woods,  stone and lush green features, are a breath of fresh air in a typically sterile environment. The clinic concept is paving the way for a more modern, and thoughtful patient experience.


To compliment the natural feel of the space, modern elements are strewn throughout. The waiting room embraces a slatted wood ceiling feature and is complimented by simple, clean-lined, white cylindrical pendants. Above the reception desk, a trio of glass pendants, representing droplets of rain are suspended from another wood feature with a TELUS  branded green wall back-drop, drawing patients to the check-in.

Inspired by a walk through a forest with a babbling brook, the blend of earthy elements like glass, wood, and stone, paired with the simplistic wainscot clad wall panels and beautiful glass pendant lights, create a sophisticated, relaxing space. In turn, this calming area makes it easy for patients to forget why they at the clinic.  

Key brand colours are used sparingly and strategically to create strong brand recognition without overwhelming the guest with bold colours.  The overall result is a modern, fresh, and pleasantly inviting space that soothes the mind as one waits for their appointment.  Babylon by TELUS Health is changing the way we see physicians 

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