Framingham, MA, USA

This hotel located just outside of Boston is a unique, castle looking building located in an industrial business area. The restaurant is very popular with those who are employed in the area and has lots of regulars. While creating the design, HDI retained the vintage looking brick, created a 2 sided fireplace, converted the old pub into a banquet and events space, and renovated the guestrooms, lobby, bar and restaurant.

The Public Areas in soft greys and neutrals are doused in jewel tone accents that start in the lobby with blues and then transform into aqua, golds and eventually copper, oranges and greens in the restaurant.  The spaces relates to the Revival Sheraton scheme with the influence of the sphere shape from the standard Sheraton front desk wall.  This sphere is cleverly mirrored in the machined Plexiglas ceiling accents which reflect the shimmering light of the modern chandelier in the existing coffers.  This shape is furthermore repeated in the screens dividing the lobby from the restaurant.  The carpet in the lobby is in a curvilinear pattern with a dynamic large border separating not only the existing cream travertine tiles but also creating a sense of different space in the lobby. 

Immediately upon entry we pay homage to the history of the building with a dramatically changed lobby.  Gone are the dark wood walls reminding one of the Jacobean times.  The drama starts with an enlarged monolithic fireplace wall in marble and beaded wallcovering flanked on one side with soft grey painted wood panels .

The more formal furniture groupings a la Sheraton Regency and Park style are posed on the textured blue and grey area rug.  The upholstered seating is saturated in deep jewel tones of blue with some areas in more muted taupy grey for an eyeful rest.  The den is separated from the restaurant with a high backed sofa.

The fire feature separating the elevator from the restaurant is visible from both sides.  Clad in warm copper and flanked on each side with rich coffee stained wood sphere screens provide a nice peek a boo view into the new restaurant enticing the guest to come and dine.
The arched brick hallway is the perfect place for quiet and private conversations or meetings. Each niche is outfitted with either a low backed bench in textured soft neutrals with colorful pillows or armchairs that wrap around the occupant for privacy in jewel toned acqua blue green stripes or ochre velvets with texture rich cushions.  The soft sheers with its whimsical circles frame the windows and bring a welcome softness to the hard brick.

Directly across the windows are the Link Café /Bar and Link Station.  The dark grey and copper carpet provides the setting for a color and function change.  Here we incorporate the functional pieces that form this mandatory space yet bring in some modern and fun materials.  Green, ochre and copper are the upholstery pieces with punches of black for contrast.  Pleather is used on seats or communal table chairs for practicality and a hint of leather.  The copper bar front is accentuated by marble top in the Link Bar.  A dark grey tile on the floor will be the foundation of the bar.

Flowing into the restaurant the monolithic fire feature and screen bring texture to the overall space.  The view to the new open kitchen is wide open with a possible permanent buffet set up right front and center.  A service table can be used by the staff or as display feature - a harvest table idea in a modern execution.  Comfortable circular booths allow the guest to hold court over the restaurant by looking into the space yet protected by the two sided wine tower and liquor display wall of the bar.  The ceiling coffer feature has the beaded wallcovering in a tile pattern that brings sparkle to the space through the illumination of 3 chandeliers.  

Private Dining is possible in 3 rooms with the outer room being the flex space for milling before dining in the private dining space.  These areas can also be closed off if the dining room is not busy creating a more intimate setting.  The jewel tones carry through all the spaces with the Private dining areas ending in a smokey green palette.