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Why a Blog?

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

By: Doris Hager, Principal of Hager Design International Inc.

For a couple of years now, I’ve been thinking of writing about the interior design profession; to start a discussion on topics that interest me or that I have experience with and would also interest others. In doing a bit of research, it became noticeable that for commercial (hospitality design in particular), I had a hard time finding any informative blogs. While there are plenty of articles written by interior designers published in industry magazines and blogs that promote travel to great hotels or promote furniture, I couldn’t find a commercial blog that was truly informative in the way I had hoped. For residential design or “do it yourself” decorating the internet is flush with blogs and tips, but there seems to be a lack when it comes to hospitality design.

Over the past 35 years with a business specializing in hospitality design, I hope to cover some insights or experiences that a developer, hotel or restaurant owner, franchiser/franchisee, interior design student, or someone new to the business could benefit from or engage in a discussion with me. There are so many talented and creative interior designers in our industry with great stories to tell and I invite them and everyone to share their experiences with me to write about things that could interest and matter to others or those that are contemplating building a hotel, restaurant or senior living home.

I won’t claim that 35 years in our field makes me an expert but I certainly have a passion for interior design, and I will aim to write about interesting topics related to hospitality design. I won’t focus on showing great hotels around the world or speak about “trending colors” or how to re-purpose an existing piece of furniture. I'm hoping to write once a week on subjects that focus on hospitality interior design with editing assistance from Amanda (my Executive Assistant) as well as Andrea (HDI’s Director of Business Development). We will endeavor to bring interesting topics to light. We’ll aim to bring new stories to our site every couple of weeks.

I welcome reader input and topics you’d like to know more about. I look forward to new discussions, inventions and creativity.


I would love to hear some of your experiences, feel free to email me at or reach out via LinkedIn. Doris Hager is the founder of Hager Design International Inc. a Vancouver based international interior design firm.



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