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This South Korean cosmetic company makes an impact in the Canadian make-up market through quality products and bright, simple design elements.  The Nature Collection is a multi-branded skin-care and cosmetics retail store. The store Interior Design Team created a very clean and modern store to showcase their brands that include The Face Shop, Fruits & Passion, VDL and Belief.


Strategic lighting placement, simple materials and a natural palette  allow the  cosmetics to be the featured guest in the room. 

The Nature Collection's product mission embraces the vitality and vibrancy of nature, coupled with mystery of the undiscovered power inherent in nature's gifts. The design mimics the cosmetic company’s direction with similar elements. Light marble-like flooring inspires an elevated stone feel. White vertical patterns throughout contrasted with another earthly element copper, exhibited on vertical and horizontal plains, to add to the enhanced, clean feel of this retail space.

In addition to supporting the Store Design team, HDI  assisted the Avon Canada representative with facilitating tenant design requirements by Coquitlam Centre, City of Coquitlam Planning and Development, collaborating with various required professional consultants and the general contracting team. Special attention was paid to ensuring building code requirements were met and health officials were consulted. 

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