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Johnny Rockets originated in the US  and was previously famous for its 1950's American  diner design. The new locations feature a comprehensive  2.0 prototype design - a contemporary American better-burger joint. 


The 2.0 design features wood planking and white brick veneer, industrial glass globe pendant lighting, moveable furniture for flexibility, and communal tables that can  accommodate all sizes of  groups. The new prototype   also  includes  a Freestanding  Coke  machine.

“It’s a diner experience in a modern, contemporary setting. What we needed was an environment and a setting that people felt was more contemporary, and to compete with all the other modern burger concepts out there. Every brand goes through an evolution to stay relevant. We’re no different.”

Charles Bruce, president and CEO of Johnny Rockets Group Inc.

The  tabletop jukeboxes were removed and replaced with a  contemporary mix of tunes. The walls are covered with culinary  language like


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