Montreal, QB, Canada

The goal for the Holiday Inn Longueuil renovation was to create a fresh, playful and dynamic contemporary design that reflects the surrounding area of Montreal-Longueuil. The renovation areas included all public areas and guestrooms. Hager Design International Inc created a new concept and vision to suit the market, client and brand.


Upon entering the newly renovated lobby, one will notice the expansive natural light coming from the skylights above, the eye-catching decorative airplane, and modernism in the chosen new materials. The methodic placement of furniture creates the feeling of rooms within a room instead of a big open space and provides guests with a sense of intrigue that invites them to come and spend time in the space with the different seating options. The blending of these design elements has elevated the space from what was once familiar and outdated into new, bright, welcoming and comfortable. A memorable experience is created as the guests look down into the lobby from the guestroom corridors.


The guestrooms were renovated with the intent of drastically brightening the space by the clever use of colors and fabrics that reflect luminosity to encapture every corner. The blending of modern furniture and colors with funky patterned fabrics and features gives the guestrooms a much needed face lift.


The upgrades not only focused on the aesthetics, equal amount of attention was paid to the detailing that elongates the life of the new materials. The designers have made sure that the high-traffic areas were designed with careful selections of high performance finishes and products that will withstand occasional damages inherently anticipated due to the volume the hotel experiences. New elements applied in the Lobby areas were carried out to the Bar and Restaurant – adding a continuous sense of sophistication and fun. The renovation of the hotel was also intended to encourage more efficient use of the hotel’s public areas and to accommodate multiple functions. It has not only succeeded in capturing the liveliness of Montreal city but the refreshed look is inviting for meetings, social events, and weddings and will cater to a wide range of guests.

Photography by © Claude-Simon Langlois