Sherwood Park, AB, Canada

The renovations of the Holiday Inn Express Sherwood took a tired and dated hotel and made it fresh, contemporary and inviting.  This hotel caters to long-term guests, as well as many business clients related to the oil industry.  These factors and the surrounding climate were considered in the redesign of the public areas and guestrooms.   Due to a limited budget, we worked with some existing elements like the lobby wood paneled walls.  However, most rooms had a full-face lift with new flooring, updated lighting, new wall vinyl and furnishings throughout.  The hotel has a fresh new vibe that is playful, yet relaxed and functional.  The contemporary warm grey lobby tile and quartz countertops, paired with sculptural wall panels took a boring wood paneled 90's style lobby, and made it textural and inviting.  Oil Industry inspired artworks are featured in many of the areas of the hotel.  They give the hotel context and make industry clientele feel welcome.

Previously, many of the floor finishes were the same throughout making for a bland experience.  There was no differentiation from one carpet to the next.  The new carpets are designed to suit each area and highlight its function.  A textured striated corridor carpet is dynamic and adds life to the corridors, while being very functional in a climate that can be harsh on materials.  In the dining room, the use of playful patterned carpet and fabrics, paired with welcoming sofas and a large central communal table all work together to create a welcoming and vibrant eating environment for guests to linger.

The updated guestroom embraces a warm and neutral palette that is easy to live with, respecting the fact that the hotel caters to long-term clients.  Much of the new guestroom design is in keeping with Holiday Inn's brand standards.