Winnipeg, MB, Canada

This hotel was renovated and given a brand new image just before the Brand came out with their prototype. The renovation included guestrooms, lobby, meeting rooms, ballroom and pre-function spaces, restaurant and back of house. The goal was was to make the hotel more modern and focus on natural colors and finishes. 

The previous hotel design was inconsistent and outdated which required a refresh to appeal to a younger and broader travel market.  Hotel guests expect a high level of sophistication and the new design aimed to surpass these requirements while respecting the reputation of the hotel which is a part of a leading international brand.  We began the process with two words in mind, “playful and dynamic”.  

The new lobby design aimed to recreate the welcome experience through greater functionality paired with contemporary design features and a fresh, light and colorful palette.  The large lobby was broken into smaller more purposeful areas to accommodate each individual guest’s expectations.  For example the added communal table business centre, situated near the main entrance in the lobby, reflects the needs of today’s business and holiday traveler.  The check-in pods were situated so they have a view of the lobby from all angles. Different seating groups were positioned within the space to provide varied conversation groupings. To have mass appeal a hotel can no longer just be sensible it has to make a statement. A lobby needs to be both aesthetically dynamic and purposeful to appeal to savvy travelers.

The large lobby called for a bold statement.  To balance the scale of the odd shaped lobby and have a dynamic feature upon entry, we opted to install the tile in a whale bone floor pattern.  This is paired with a contemporary palette of golden walnut woods, shades cream and grey onto which furnishing in playful golden reds, oranges and yellows were arranged. The overall result is a dynamic yet fresh and welcoming lobby experience that hopes to appeal to a broad range of travelers.

The new contemporary restaurant design was to create a functional and effective operating space that projected an energy that would entice guests to dine in and attract patrons from surrounding areas.

The bar was arranged to provide a better view of the entrance which will double as a buffet space for breakfast. The variation in seating types allows for comfort and style with loose seats, lounge chairs, banquettes, round booths or private dining spaces to appeal to all tastes. 
The design of the meeting rooms and theatre was given a neutral palette that lends a professional environment for any type of business or formal assembly. 

The redesign of the guestrooms was to create a rich and balanced space that emanates comfort and relaxation appealing to both business travelers and families. The rooms were designed to be warm and welcoming with longevity in mind over being hip and edgy.  In keeping with much of Holiday Inn design standards, the palette is a bit playful.   Splashes of lime green were paired with neutral warm greys that give the room a fresh yet cozy feel.  This color palette was also selected to contrast and complement the more vibrant orange, red and grey palette used throughout many of the public spaces.  The contemporary walnut casegoods are clean lined, aesthetically appealing and very functional. Again, they were designed to be current but also longevity of design was considered.  As is expected nowadays, the nightstands and desks were all wired with charging centres for guest ease.  The elegant contemporary light fixtures and soft paneled headboards lend strong geometries to the guestrooms and provide contrasts against the fluid movement of the feature headboard wallcovering.  All elements work together to create a visually textural, comfortable and inviting guestroom.