Vancouver, BC, Canada

Hager Design International Inc’s goal for the Holiday Inn Downtown Vancouver’s renovation was to create a fresh and contemporary design in the lobby and meeting spaces that reflects the energy of the city, located in the heart of downtown Vancouver.  

The challenage was the small area dedicated to the lobby seating eith so many traffic lanes intersecting the busy lobby. Upon entering the newly renovated lobby, one will notice the weaving pops of colours, eye catching decorative lights, and playfulness of the chosen new materials. The harmonious blend of these elements has elevated a space that was once familiar and monochromatic into one that is now fun, energetic, and contemporary but also welcoming and comfortable. The newly installed custom carpeting and rugs have brought warmth and interest to the Lobby, Pre-Function, and Meeting Room areas. A memorable experience is created as the guests enter the staircase and notice the glistening sparkle of the newly installed bespoke chandeliers.  This one-of-a-kind complex chandelier was the driving force of the design to not only be admired from inside but primarily to draw greater attention to the hotel from outside and bring people in.

The renovation of the hotel was also intended to encourage more efficient use of the hotel’s public areas and to accommodate multiple functions. It has not only succeeded in capturing the liveliness of Vancouver city but the refreshed look is inviting for meetings, social events, and weddings and will cater to a wide range of guests.

The upgrades not only focused on the aesthetics, equal amount of attention was paid to the detailing that elongated the life of the new materials. The designers have made sure that these high-traffic areas were designed with careful selections of high performance finishes and products that will withstand occasional damages inherently anticipated due to the volume the hotel experiences.