Burnaby, BC, Canada

This 200 room 4 star hotel, casino and convention centre has really captured the essence of sophistication with a playful side.

The previous hotel carried many flags including Sheraton, Radisson and Delta, but in 2017 it went independent.  When GCEI acquired the site in 2005 the tower was closed in anticipation of an extensive renovation with the construction of the Casino at its heart.

The project’s inception dates back to a number of years, hence the design team had to constantly be thinking four years ahead to the future launch date.  The complexity of this project was that a new casino was attached to the existing hotel tower with added restaurants, ballrooms and meeting rooms. The scope was extensive; in its existing shell take small rooms and bathrooms and make them feel bigger.  Enhance the bathrooms with new vanity finishes.  Introduce new wall coverings, carpets and lighting; update the finishes in all the public areas such as meeting rooms, club lounge, and turn it into a shining beacon for the locale and the wider metropolitan area.

The hotel was designed for entertainment since it is attached to the casino and hosts many casino clients. The rooms however still needed to be calming and relaxing yet be in the same theme as the rest of the hotel. 

The design of the new villa tower has a theatrical influence inspired by the entertainment of the casino coupled with a residential elegance.  Fabrics in varying hues of mauve and elephant greys are accented by textured neutrals adding warmth to these intimate spaces.  Strong architectural lines in the custom millwork pieces and fabric wrapped headboards make a bold statement.  Accents of brushed stainless steel and punches of magenta pink add an element of play. Curvilinear shapes displayed on fabrics are an interplay of s curves and sharp lines.  The outcome is a contemporary space that is both comfortable and unexpected.