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HDI has been designing  De Dutch restaurants for over 20 years. The Dutch  pannekoek house's  are inspired by "going home to the Netherlands. " Each restaurant is designed uniquely with its own special characteristics to fit with the surrounding neighborhood. 


The restaurants have a contemporary airy feel with splashes of yellow and orange, boxes of flowers add pops of colour to tabletops. The unique atmosphere is meant to be comforting with distinctive decor  and brand identity. 

“He was so impressed with the concept he spent the next two weeks visiting as many pannekoek houses as he could, taking pictures and stealing menus and recipes. He brought it back to Vancouver and in 1975 opened the Original Dutch Pannekoek House at 25th and Knight.”

Annie Dys, wife of John Dys, Founder of De Dutch 

Little elements throughout each location incorporate the Dutch heritage. Pictures of windmills  frame the walls,  portraying the iconic Dutch windmills  known to be found in areas of the Netherlands. A windmill was  also used in the creation of the De Dutch franchise logo. 

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