Bell Gardens, CA, USA

The goal for the new 117,902sq.ft extension to this hotel property was to create a contemporary and luxuriously appointed design that boasted an air of sophistication to ensure the hotel became a leader among the other hotels and casinos in the vicinity. A heavily themed concept was avoided to appeal to a large demographic of clientele due to the wide range of existing casino clientele and to cater to a broad spectrum of international tastes. This boutique design's primary focus was to create a design which entertained guests throughout the public spaces yet provide a restful repose in the guestrooms and spa areas.

Inspired by the casino’s graphics, stylistic radial and curvilinear forms were concepted and carried throughout the hotel, and are evident in the custom furniture, carpet, textiles, casegoods, art and bespoke lighting. The lobby features an intricate tile floor pattern, designed in-house. The tile pattern was designed to mimic the curves of a wheel and its spokes, playing with oversized scales of overlapping circles and inlays of granite, marble, and metal mosaics to create a one of a kind design. 

Public areas were intended to be exciting with bright pops of colour to highlight the entertainment of the casino emphasized against the neutral backdrop of base finishes. Guestroom design is contemporary with an air of sophistication to maintain cohesion with the public areas. To ensure a restful environment for guests, the energetic design was pared down in the guestrooms. All guestrooms and suites include custom casegoods, furniture and lighting. Finishes include deeply saturated fabrics, rich woods, upholstered wall panels, chrome, mirror and crystal accents, bringing forth a sense of luxury. Throughout the hotel, finishes and fixtures were carefully selected and designed to evoke a sense of luxury and suit the identity of the hotel.